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What We Hide by author Colleen Coble and Rick Acker

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What We Hide

Family secrets. Historical wrongs. And the truths that refuse to stay buried.

Savannah Webster is trying to find her way forward. She and her husband, Hez, have been separated since tragedy tore them apart and he began numbing his grief and guilt with alcohol. She returned to Tupelo Grove University, which her family helped found over a century ago, to teach history.

When Hez turns up in her classroom asking for a second chance, she rejects the idea immediately. But twenty-four hours later she’s under suspicion for murder, and since Hez is the best attorney she knows, she reluctantly asks him for help. They suspect the murder is tied to someone selling off the university’s pre-Columbian artifacts, but the secrets go much deeper than they realize.

The only hope they’ve got is each other, and they’re going to have to put their past behind them if they’re going to stay alive long enough to uncover all that’s hidden.

Start reading the first two chapters now!

What We Hide by authors Colleen Coble and Rick Acker

Start reading the first two chapters now!

Available wherever fine books are sold.


About the Authors

The powerhouse duo of Coble/Acker consists of Colleen Coble, USAToday and Publishers Weekly bestselling author and Rick Acker, #1 Amazon bestselling author and a Supervising Deputy Attorney in the California Department of Justice. Their partnership has been great fun, and they think you’re going to love the high octane books they’re writing together.

Colleen Coble

Colleen Coble is the USA TODAY bestselling author of more than seventy-five books and is best known for her coastal romantic suspense novels. Connect with her online at colleencoble.com; Instagram: @colleencoble; Facebook: @colleencoblebooks; X: @colleencoble.

Author Colleen Coble
Author Rick Acker

Rick Acker

Rick Acker writes during breaks from his “real job” as a Supervising Deputy Attorney General in the California Department of Justice. He is the author of eight acclaimed suspense novels, including the #1 Kindle bestseller, When the Devil Whistles. He is also a contributing author on two legal treatises published by the American Bar Association. You can visit him online at rickacker.com.

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Praise for the book

What others have to say about the Tupelo Grove Series!


Coble and Acker have forged a seamless partnership with a singular voice. I honestly can’t tell where one writer starts and the other ends. WHAT WE HIDE is a crisp and hard-charging start to a legal suspense series that tests the boundaries of yesterday’s secrets against today’s lies, all while trying to escape tomorrow’s verdict. From courtroom to the shadow of a decaying Gothic university, it’s a high-stakes ride through love, second chances and an ending you won’t soon forget.

~ Charles Martin

New York Times Bestselling Author

WHAT WE HIDE grabbed me with the first chapter and had me reading until two in the morning with its twisty plot and engaging characters.

Patricia Bradley

author of The Pearl River series

Much is hidden in Tupelo Grove and Pelican Harbor. In WHAT WE HIDE, expert storytellers Colleen Coble and Rick Acker will take you on a riveting ride through a picturesque Southern town inhabited by characters who will pull you in and make you care. Hidden truths find their way into the light – sometimes quickly, often slowly in the face of great obstacles and danger. Once you start reading, you won’t put this book down.

Robert Whitlow

bestselling author

Get ready to be hooked! Brace yourself for a thrill ride as Coble and Acker masterfully weave a web of suspense in WHAT WE HIDE, where secrets simmer and unexpected twists leave you guessing until the shocking finale.

Kate Angelo

Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author

This book has it all. Intrigue, suspense and the mysteries of the heart, woven together masterfully by the great new pairing of Coble and Acker. Fans of their individual books will not be disappointed. New readers will be delighted.

James Scott Bell

International Thriller Writers Award winner

When you combine two brilliant storytellers such as Coble and Acker, the result is a beautiful well-crafted legal thriller that keeps the reader utterly riveted. If you’re looking for a novel that’s edge-of-the-seat-compelling, emotionally engaging, and nail-bitingly (I know that’s not a word, but it fits) suspenseful, look no further than WHAT WE HIDE. With its compelling narrative, well-rounded characters, and intricate plot, this is a must-read, goes-on-the keeper-shelf, that will stay with you long after the final page is turned.

Lynette Eason

bestselling, award-winning author of the Extreme Measures series

Bestsellers Coble (Break of Day) and Acker (Guilty Blood) team up for a heart-pounding tale of stolen artifacts and murder . . . The second-chance romance adds dimension to the well-plotted whodunit, which leaves more than a few secrets to be uncovered in the next installment. Readers will be on tenterhooks.

Publishers Weekly

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