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A Heart's Disguise Featured

A Heart’s Disguise

The first in a six-part serialization, A Heart's Disguise, is the first novel written by Colleen Coble. Writing it was part of the grieving process after she lost her brother Randy in a freak lightning accident.  A Heart's Disguise In the celebratory mood of the recently-ended Civil War, Sarah discovers her betrothed has been keeping a devastating secret. While the tiny town of Wabash, Indiana, celebrates the end of the fighting,            Sara Montgomery attends the parties, but inside she’s fighting a deep sadness. The love of Sara’s life, Rand Campbell, didn’t come back from the front. So her brother and ailing … [Read More...]

Silent Night Holy Night by Colleen Coble

Silent Night/Holy Night Releases

For those of you who have been waiting until the Christmas novellas were in a physical book form, your wait is over! Silent Night is set in Rock Harbor, and Holy Night is set on Kauai. Let me know what you think after you read them! Amazon Barnes and Noble … [Read More...]

Seagrass Pier Featured

Seagrass Pier Release!

Readers have really loved my Hope Beach series, and the 3rd book, Seagrass Pier, is now available!  In a secluded corner of Hope Beach, one woman must decipher a stranger’s memories . . . before they cost her everything. Elin Summerall was one of the lucky ones. Not only did she get a heart transplant, but the donor was a perfect fit. A miraculously perfect fit. But when Elin begins having violent flashbacks—and vivid dreams of being strangled—she realizes that she has been the recipient of more than just a new heart . . . Elin is remembering her donor’s murder. Her strange affliction has attracted some unwanted attention: from … [Read More...]

Bluebonnet Bride Featured

Bluebonnet Bride Releases

If you loved Butterfly Palace, you'll want to see what happens with Nathan as his story continues in Bluebonnet Bride. It's a digital novella and is only $2.99! Hope you enjoy it! Here's the back cover: At the turn of the 20th century, Elli Korpela boarded The Baltic as a mail order bride. But the threat she thought she was escaping somehow followed her to America . . . Escaping a forced engagement, Elli sought refuge in an arranged, mail-order marriage. Her betrothed is a Texan named Nathan White. As she glimpses her future husband and his darling niece at the train station, she instantly knows her risk will prove the best … [Read More...]

Butterfly Palace Featured

Butterfly Palace is Out!

I'm so excited that Butterfly Palace is out now! It's kind of a cross between Jane Eyre and Downton Abbey. I just love that turn of the century time period. Let me know what you think! Amazon Barnes and Noble     … [Read More...]