Migraines. They’ve been the bane of my life since my teens. In my twenties, they ramped up and in my thirties they became unbearable with two a week and each lasting three days. Then the triptan drugs  came on the market, and at least I had some relief. But the past ten years or so, the pain has been daily and has requried a dose of Zomig every day.

I’ve tried everything under the sun from supplements to accupressure. If I found any mention of a cure, I’ve tried it. I always felt that it was something my body was lacking that caused them. Why me and not other people? I’d see people who never had a headache in their life, and I so longed to live a normal life. Still, nothing I tried worked for long.

So when I saw a new “migraine cure” I was skeptical but intrigued in spite of myself. I read an article in Life Extension Magazine. You can read that article here. I bought the book, The Migraine Cure, and read it at least four times. Something inside just clicked when I read it and I sensed that this might be the answer for me.

I’m a can-do girl. I always think if someone else can do it, so can I. When I had fibromyalgia, I found a cure on Dr. Lowe’s website (he died of a fall a few years ago so the website is not up now) and took it to my doctor and managed to get healthy with Dr. Lowe’s insight. For more of his method, you might check out this author: http://recoveringwitht3.com/author-notes-rwt3.  I’m a big advocate of knowing your own body and taking charge of your health. So I took the article about migraine to my doctor and asked that he would prescribe the bio-identical hormones gels for me. Dr. James Bain is an awesome doctor and he has helped me follow every rabbit trail I’ve found about migraine including checking for a PFO (I’ve got one.) I was going to get involved in the PFO clinical trial until I found The Migraine Cure. Anyway, Doc sent me to a compounding pharmacy in Kokomo and I started trying it on my own, guessing at the dosages based on lab results I saw in the book. My migraines got worse instead of better. I stumbled along with the help of the pharmacist who was very helpful, but after nearly two months without improvement, I decided I needed help.

I talked to a patient of the doctor’s whose problems had been just as bad as mine. She was totally migraine free and felt fabulous. So I took the plunge. Within a week I was going 7-9 days between migraines. That’s PRICELESS! I’m just thrilled at the results so far. For more information, click the link below. And on down this page, I’m updating occasionally on my progress if you’d like to follow along.

I can’t reccomend this program enough! It’s changed my life. Now that I’ve researched the hormonal link, I now know it was a progesterone deficiency and hypothyroidism that made my ovary rupture at 14 and also caused by breast cysts and then the loss of the my last ovary at 23. After the hysterectomy, I had pratically no progesterone, and that caused the hormonal problems to get even worse. It also caused the thyroid resistance I’ve been dealing with. Like dominoes. LOL But now I’m on the mend!

Link : http://www.dzlogic.com/DZLOGIC/

May 25, 2007: Went to the Fountain Anti-Aging Clinic near Cleveland OH. Met with Dr. Rozakis, his wife Betty and my patient coordinator Susan Maloney who has been my life-line. The more I talked with them, the more convinced I became that this was the answer. Left there with my plan, a box of supplements and my precious bio-identical hormone gels.

May 26, 2007: Had a migraine this morning but wasn’t discouraged since I knew it would take some time. Took my proper doses of everything. Dr. Dzugan and Dr. Rozakis usually put patients on ProGreens but it has Chlorella in it and I can’t digest the stuff. It makes my throw up. So they prescribed another probiotic in a pill form.

May 28, 2007: Migraines still. Emailed Susan who has been holding my hand.

May 31, 2007: Migraines still. Got to thinking about how I’d tried the program on my own and had taken ProGreens with lemon juice. Looked it up and lemon juice contains more enzymes than anything else so it had probably helped me digest the chlorella. Started taking Progreens.

June 1, 2007: Began the doses for days 1-14.

June 2, 2007: Migraine free! I think it’s the higher doses of hormones. Informed Susan who told the doctors. They said they would adjust dosage before end of next month. Need to go through one full month on the initially prescribed dosages.

June 4, 2007: Still no migraines!

June 8, 2007: First migraine in a week!

June 10, 2007: Feeling great but have had some diarrhea and hair loss. Doctor adjusted dosage of magnesium and it abated. Also noticed some weight gain in areas where I’ve never gained weight: mostly abdomen (generally carry weight in butt and thighs.) Susan told me this is normal in beginning and it will stop and come off.

June 15, 2007: Face breaking out some. Doctors decreased testosterone to .1 ml. Noticing I have hair growing on my legs for the first time in years. Have so much energy and mood is terrific! Love this stuff. And my skin looks younger, with better color.

June 17, 2007: Oh no! A bladder infection (and migraine with it) but didn’t want to take antibiotic. Started taking Cranberry concentrate with d-mannose which KICKED IT IN THE BUTT! That stuff is fabulous.

June 20, 2007: Mild migraine, maybe a 2 but didn’t take Zomig for it. It lasted all day.

June 22, 2007: Bad migraine, about a 7 but I had to fly to Minneapolis yesterday and travel sometimes triggers them. Got new plan from the doctors who raised the doses of hormones and lowered my DHEA.

June 25, 2007: Starting new dose today. Still feeling great.

June 29, 2007: Migraine, about a 4 or 5. Hot flashes as well. Doc adjusted dose of DHEA and Tri-est. Went 7 days this round with NO migraine so that’s amazing. But I know this is just the beginning and I will soon be migraine free.

June 30, 2007: Feeling great.

July 12, 2007: Was traveling last week. Had a bad week with migraines 3 or 4 days in a row, but I realized I started not feeling as well when the doctor cut my testosterone dose. I also noticed changes like lack of normal hair growth again. Told the doctor and he increased it again and I immediately felt better. Now a four day stretch of no migraine and great energy again. Whoohoo!

July 13, 2007: The Fountain Anti-aging clinic also does things other than cure migraine–like help with high blood pressure, cholesterol and staving off Alzheimers. Dave signed up for the hormone balancing to see if his cholesterol will go down, and there is a lot of Alzheimers in his family. We got his plan yesterday. His blood work showed he was a little low in testosterone and a little high in progesterone as well as his pregnenolone being in the toilet. His thyroid was low too. He was ready to try it! I got him started on everything. I’m eager to see if his energy level comes up. STILL MIGRAINE FREE FOR ME!

July 24: The past ten days or so haven’t been as good. I’ve had some head pressure at night, around 9. And some hot flashes. Then yesterday I got a migraine in the morning, around a 5 or so pain level but it didn’t resolved until several doses of Zomig. I’m waiting to hear how the doctor will tweak my meds. He warned me this could take some time and I’m determined to figure out my perfect dosages!

July 31: I’m feeling much better since the doctor changed up the dose. I guess I just needed more estrogen. Good thing I have the doctors because I would have guessed I needed more progesterone! LOL

Aug 22: I’ve been in deadline dungeon and just emerged into the bright light of day. LOL I’m doing well, going 4-9 days between migraines. The doctor needs to see where I am in blood counts but I’ve not been able to get into the clinic for a test. I’ve got an appointment next week and he’ll know how to adjust me better. Dave is doing really well! He’s actually started losing a little weight without even trying. Oh, if only that were happening to me! LOLSept 17: Three weeks with no migraine! I almost can’t believe it. And I feel fabulous, great energy, good mood. Who wouldn’t be in a good mood with this kind of relief??

Oct 8: Nearly 7 weeks with no migraine severe enough for medication! I had a couple of minor headaches and the doctor upped my triest by adding triest sublingual drops. I feel really great and I’ve lost 13 pounds this month. I’ve been walking with three pound weights and that has helped. But at least I feel good enough for that much of a workout!

Oct 10: At 7 weeks with no migraine, I finally had one, but we’d been expecting it. When checking my lab results, we found my estrogen was still WAY low. It will take a bit to balance me with the addition of the sublingual triest.

Oct 12: A mild headache but nothing bad enough to take Zomig. The doctors adjusted my dosage again, adding more progesterone in the evening.

Oct 21: Feeling great again, no actual migraine since the one Oct 10.

Nov 13: Migraine, about a 5. I had a bladder infection and we’ve been monkeying with my testosterone again so I think that’s it. The doctor upped both Triest and Progesterone a bit so that should fix me right up. I still went weeks in between and I feel fabulous in other ways as well! The swelling in my legs and ankles is gone, the lymph nodes in my neck aren’t swollen anymore (they’ve been swollen for years!) and my mood is fabulous all the time. I love feeling so good. My brain is much clearer too–always a helpful thing for a writer!

Nov 30: I’ve been great the last three weeks until this week. It’s that end of the month drop in hormones that I take and we still haven’t quite found the right dose. But the doctor will adjust the dosage again and we’ll find the right one. I take the hormones on a cyclic basis as far as dosage. he tries to mimic the natural cycle. I think my body hasn’t had a natural cycle in so long, it doesn’t know what to think! LOL But I feel SO GOOD compared to the way I was before. Even if I have a migraine once a month or something, I’d be happy. I have more energy and a great sense of well-being. The really great thing was that when we went to Arizona over Thanksgiving, my legs and ankles didn’t swell at all! Great benefit! I’m also noticing I have fewer gray hairs. Even my daughter noticed.

Jan 20: You wonder where I’ve been and how I’m doing? I’ve been down for nearly two MONTHS with shingles! I always thought it was only older people who got shingles but I’ve found out anyone can get them. I’m on the mend now, but you know what’s really cool? Through the worst of the shingles, I didn’t have a migraine! I’m now trying to get off Lyrica, a NASTY med if ever there was one, and I’ve had some withdrawal headaches but I’ve just got to get through the next week and I’ll be fine. I feel fabulous still on the hormones.June 9, 2008: I’m still doing terrific, having only a very occaisonal headache that is a 1 or 2 and resolves with ibuprofen. What a change in my life!

July 25, 2008: Stlll feeling terrific and totally sold on the program’s other benefits as well. I Just got back from my eye doctor and the beginning cataract I’d had last year has regressed just like Dr. Rozakis said it would!

Oct 24, 2008: Still can’t believe the change in my life in a year. Heading to Hawaii shortly and won’t have to worry about constant migraines!

January 12, 2009 Went to the hairdresser today and she remarked about how much new hair I have growing in. Yet another great perk to bioidentical hormones! Feeling sooo good.

Feb 18, 2009: Still feeling fabulous! Will never stop this program

Oct 1, 2011: Still doing great. Can’t remember the last time I had to take Zomig.

March 2012: Still feeling terrific!

68 thoughts on “Migraines

  1. Paula Osborne

    Colleen, I too had migraines almost weekly so bad sometimes that I was sick at my stomach, had them for years. several years ago I went to my dr and he put me on norvasc for HBP and lo and behold I have not had one headache since-I mentioned this to him on another visit and he said this was side effect of norvasc….why had no other dr ever put me on it if they knew this. We are not told what we should be told. Years spent needlessly having headaches when I could have been free from them.

    I thank God that I now am headache free and I literally have NO headaches.

    1. colleen

      I’ve tried all those types of meds too, Paula. They don’t work for the majority of migraine patients. So glad they did for you though!

    2. Mine are different too, pre & post prnganecy. When I got quit taking my bcp I also had to quit taking my preventative, nortriptyline. Even with it, I would have breakthrough migraines. Classic, with the aura, I would basically completely lose my vision, and puke my guts out and the pain. I literally tried every acute medication including injections and even migranal and zomig nasal. To no eval, nothing really helped. Relpax made me sick for about 4 hours instead of my normal 8, so that’s what I would always use. I also felt really ‘off’ after I would wake up. The shower in the beginning would help because I think the water hitting my head made it feel better, for some reason.After I got pregnant with P I didn’t have anymore migraines. Then, she was born and I had horrible headaches (not what I would call a migraine, I could still function but it was very painful). I thought it was my bcp and the hematologist agreed I probably shouldn’t be taking them due to MTHFR/family history of strokes, So, I quit..then a few months later I was pregnant with M, and I didn’t have any migraines during prnganecy. Post M I had a headache that literally lasted over 3 months. It’s just not starting to be better, I have an appointment scheduled with my old neurologist here. I have never figured out my triggers, ever. I would honestly rather have this horrible tension headache everyday for the rest of my life than ever have a migraine again.When I was younger, they were so bad, I would of had brain surgery if they told me they could fix them, I can’t count the number of times I had breakdowns because I couldn’t take it anymore.Anyways, the only thing that has seemed to help was staying on the folic acid/a good vitamin. That seems to have helped more than taking a preventative all together. I’m hoping my neuro can shed some light on this or atleast do some research when I see him in a few weeks. About a month ago I did wake up around 5am with a stabbing pain in my head, no aura, but I did feel sick, It was pretty bad and since it’s been a while since I had a migraine it was hard to hack. I ended up going to the hospital and they gave me tramadol and zofran. In comparison to my other migraines, it was maybe a 5, in comparison to a normal headache it was a 10. I’m so sorry you have to deal with migraines, they are just awful. Plus, people are like “oh it’s just a headache you can still work,” Yeah…I can work while i’m blind and puking, suuuureeeee.

      1. colleen

        Edivan, you are probably very low in progesterone which is why the headaches are gone when you’re pregnant. You should try to find a good bioidentical doctor. You’ll be shocked at the difference!

    3. Jean

      Paula Osborne, I too, suffered from migraines and was prescribed norvasc, which I took for about 4-5 years (before going on bio-identicals, which got rid of all my migraines). Unfortunately, I developed a swelling of my legs, which is one of the side effects of norvasc! (I never read the warning pamphlet). I always had great legs, but, no more. Since I took the norvasc for so long, the condition has remained, and I never go out in shorts anymore! Be careful.

      1. Sue P

        Hi Colleen
        I have been enjoying again many of your great books recently.You are an excellent writer incorporating romance ,suspense,mystery and action in your books.I am an avid reader and am amazed at the plot twists. I can usually figure out who the bad guy or girl is but,not in your books! I will be starting the Dzugan program soon and have a few questions. Did you have frequent infections before starting. How long did it take before you were able to sleep? I have painful body aches and was wondering if you suffered with that and if so how long did it take to resolve? Thank you

        1. colleen

          The body aches are usually from low thyroid, Sue. I got rid of that before going on the Dzugan program. I’d read about how fibromyalgia was just low thyroid and got on Armour. I did not have frequent infections. My only symptom was constant migraine. I started to sleep right away with the melatonin.

  2. Julie

    Colleen, I have had headaches for over twenty years. I cant hold down a job (I work from home), Ive never been able to have children (as I knew I wouldnt be able to cope), and so many other things that stop me from living a normal life. Im not sure they are migraines though. A lack of sleep is likely to bring one on, but I mean not a full eight hours, but maybe seven hours sleep and I get a really bad head the next day. Even seven and three quarters of an hours sleep can trigger one. Very odd. Sometimes, I cannot bear the light and have to just lay down all day in the dark. Ive had my sinuses checked. The docs just say its how I am but I wasnt always like this. As Im sure they are not migraines – I dont think you can help?

    1. colleen

      They sound like migraines. You need to get all your hormones checked: progesterone, total estrogens, testosterone, thyroid (free T3 and Free T4, tsh is useless) DHEA, pregnenolone, vitamin D, and Vitamin B12. It’s best to get your blood work about day 20 or so of your period. Your levels should be in the upper 1/3 of all the ranges.

  3. Julie

    Colleen, from my regular doctor? And do I trust the results when I get them? I have no faith in the medical establishment. Ive never heard of a slight lack of sleep bringing on such a headache that I cant focus. I keep thinking it might be a nerve thats stimulated when I dont sleep the full eight hours. Thankyou.

    1. colleen

      Lack of sleep is a KNOWN migraine trigger. And light bothers you when you have a migraine. Yours is likely migraine from the way you describe. Your regular doctor can run the test but you’ll likely have to interpret them yourself. An anti aging doctor would be the best to go to.

  4. Julie

    Wow. Ok I will definitely look into this. Thanks again.

  5. Beth

    Colleen, I’m so glad you learned about bio-identical hormones. When I began reading this, I thought “I wonder if she knows about bio-identical hormones?” I began using them in 2000, after I had a total hysterectomy and the regular HRT turned me into a crazy woman. My Tri-Est was eventually changed to Bi-Est. I could not tolerate testosterone, or even DHEA. they both made me feel mean. I occasionally need adjustments but for the most part, I’m doing pretty well.
    I just wanted to add my testimony to yours in hopes that more women will find relief. Sometimes you have to find the right doctor as regular GYN’s may look at you like you are crazy. Know your body, do some research, and pray for guidance. God is faithful!

  6. Gretchen

    Colleen, what do you do if you don’t have insurance? I can get Topamax and Relpax thru patient assistant programs coordinated thru my doctor’s office. But I don’t think these hormones you mentioned, nor the doctor you mentioned would be covered by any programs I would have access to.

    1. colleen

      Gretchen, I had to pay for my doctor up front too. And my meds run me about $100 a month. I pay for those myself and the insurance reimburses me but I’d pay for them out of pocket if I had to. Which I actually DID have to early on. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me. Topamax made my migraines worse eventually.

  7. Trish

    Colleen, I am so thankful that a friend lead me to your blog on migraines. I have two boys ages 13 and 15 who have been suffering with migraine headaches for about 2-3 years now. We have gone the medication route with little help. I have had to take them out of school because they are sick so much. I am always open to new things and have wondered about the hormone part because of their ages. I am going to get the book you recommend right away. Have you heard much on teenage boys and migraines? I know one of my boys is low in vit. D and Iron. Anything you may know I would love to hear about. Thanks, Trish

    1. colleen

      So sorry to hear this, Trish. I now know my thyroid was wacky when I was 13 as well as my progesterone levels. I don’t know about boys but they have hormones too and their testosterone hormone can be out of whack as well as progesterone. It wouldn’t hurt to find an anti-aging doctor who will test them. Most regular doctors don’t know much about hormones.

  8. Gwen

    I was so excited to see this! I have just recently made an appointment to start with the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. I knew nothing about this until a couple of months ago due to a friend. I then began to educate myself and decided it is worth a try. Finding your website and this info is a great encouragement to me. I came upon this when Barnes and Noble offered one of your books for my Nook in a Daily Deal. I decided to read more about the author – you – and here I am!
    How are things going for you now? How many migraines? Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. colleen

      Glad you found me, Gwen! ZERO migraines. 🙂 I get some head pressure once in a while if the hormones need tweaking but that only happens maybe 1 or 2x a year. It’s a far cry from the daily migraines I suffered for decades. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel!

      1. I have suffered from serious migraines for over 20 years. I have tried many, many remedies, and am currently on preventative medications as well as prescription pain medications (Amerge works best for me). As you know, remedies that work for one person, do not for another. But I’m always interested in following up on new information, so I did google this bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that has worked for you. I see the concerns are the same as with many naturopathic treatments, the lack of regulation. I also would have concerns because hormones are what ‘kicked’ my migraines on, so I am very leery of anything containing estrogen. Its good it has helped you and others. Meanwhile, I will keep reading up on new ideas.

        1. colleen

          I love them and will never stop them. They will CURE migraines for anyone. You need all your hormones balanced and the headaches will be gone. Amerge and all the triptans actually work for me but I didn’t want to live on abortive meds. I wanted to live my life free of worrying about when the next migraine would hit. Now I do. 🙂

  9. I have had severe migraines since I was a sophomore in college. The first one was after a serious fall down a stairwell. They last three days at a time and I have terrible pain, vomiting, high blood pressure, sensitivities to light, smell, and sound. Without pain medication I end up in the er. I am now 50 and still have them. None of the preventatives help, and I can’t take the sumatriptan Mersey like Zomig due to a heart condition. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (low thyroid due to anti thyriod antiboties) and fibramyalgia. I don’t know if I can take the hormones regimine due to my history of pulmonary embolism but I will look into it.

  10. Kristine


    I LOVE your insight and sharing to help others. I read about bioidenticals year ago from Suzanne Somers, which fascinated me at the time. I wished I’d listened to her and had my levels checked as I was an in shape woman with a healthy libido. Fast forward a couple of years and the hormones whacked on me…lol. I went and had my regular doctor test all of my hormones so it would be covered on insurance, and then took them to be interpreted at a clinic specializing in hormones. It turned out my vitamin D levels weren’t even on the charts (lowest # is 30, and I was 26), which surprised me since I’ve been sick about 5 times in my life, with the last time being 10 years ago. Anyway, I am also low in estrogen, which is why I get migraines during menstruation. AMAZING how hormones can wreak havoc if not balanced!!! The hormone specialist told me to get on 10,000 IU’s of vitamin D a day for 1.5 mos and that should clear up any of my other hormone imbalances. When the time is right, I will get on the Wiley protocol. Have you heard of it? I’d like to know your opinion. I’m interested in never going through menopause and keeping my period until I die…hahaha. To me, that makes the most sense. Women are their healthiest when we are child-bearing age so why not?! I was about to go make a comment on your HCG blog and saw this one. Couldn’t resist as yesterday I was in bed all day long with an ice pack on my migrained head.

    1. colleen

      Hi, Kristine! I wish correcting Vitamin D levels would fix hormones but that’s just not true. 🙁 They are way more complicated than that. I’ve heard of the Wiley protocol but I had a hysterectomy at 23 and cycling just doesn’t work for me. I tried it and both times the headaches came back, darn it. But it’s great you’re figuring out what to do!

  11. Michelle

    Has anyone looked into a TMJ issue? I use to have terrible headaches until my dentist took a tomograph xray of my jaw joint and found it was pushed against the back of the joint. I had orthodontics to correct it and pull my lower jaw forward, but they can make a splint that you put in your mouth at night to relieve the pressure (which is what my mom has… I blame her for my issues…lol). Headache free for a year now!

    1. colleen

      Oh yes that was the first thing I tried back in my twenties. Glad it worked for you though! When I say I tried everything, I literally mean everything that has ever been proposed. LOL

  12. Sue Patin

    Dear Colleen, thank you for sharing your information. I have read many of your books and am interested in bio-identical hormones. I am a 40 year sufferer of migraine and have tried everything. Because I had polio as a child I suffer double the pain of a normal person. I need to get my husband on board as Dr. Dzugan is not covered by insurance. He has seen so many medications and therapies and may no longer have hope, I cannot give up and believe God brought me this info. I too also have thyroid issues and was wondering about compounded thyroid meds. Sue

    1. colleen

      I understand totally. I was in the same boat. I’d thrown more than $10,000 at my migraines by the time I found Dzugan. But when I read the book I just knew this was the answer. and it sure was for me!

  13. Di

    Thank you for journaling your experience with the Dr. Dzugan. I recently started on the protocol and will keep you updated with my progress.

    1. colleen

      Awesome! Hope it works well for you.

  14. Regina

    I suffer from daily headaches/migraines. I am on amitriptyline, beta blocker, busprone, and other meds to try and help, I also take Relpax and/or Imitrex for prevention. Nothing seems to help. After reading this I’m wondering if it isn’t hormones. I was diagnosed with borderline to normal hypothyroidism. I had a total hysterectomy when I was 24. I see my doctor on Tuesday and I am going to mention the hormone aspect. in the past I have tried hormone replacements but they have always bothered my stomach. I also have other health problems.

    1. colleen

      You should not take hormones by mouth, Regina. You need bioidentical creams, not pills. 🙂 Your doctor likely won’t know anything about it unfortunately. Anti-aging doctors or those who understand bioidentical hormones are your best bet.

      1. Regina

        Where can I buy the bioidentical creams?

        1. Beth

          If you call a compounding pharmacy, the pharmacist may be able to tell you which doctor’s prescribe them. Hopefully you can find a doctor near you. You have to have a prescription to get the bio-identical hormones, but they are certainly worth the extra effort.

  15. Sue P

    Colleen, I am waiting to start my Dzugan program after finishing the blood tests. I just know that this is the answer. I have done so much research into this program and got two of Dr. Dzugans books. You were instrumental in me joining the program.Also the actress Annie Potts of Designing Women was cured by Dr. Dzugan. I am happy to say my husband is now on board after being diagnosed with low hormones and correction of them. He now wants me to feel as good as he does. Lol
    Thanks again for giving us information and sharing your personal experiances. God bless

    1. colleen

      I’m so glad, Sue! And be patient. It takes a while to balance everything out. 🙂

  16. Di

    I’ve been on the Dzugan protocol for about 3 1/2 months for my chronic migraine that developed suddenly about 2 years ago. I am 44 now. The first three months have been really difficult on the program, lot’s of ups and downs. However, right around the 3 month mark I had two blissful weeks of NO MIGRAINES! Sure I had some daily minor head pain and one day where I thought I might need to take an abortive. But I would have had 2-3 migraines before the program during that time span. So I am hopeful that the program is finally working and by year’s end I will be feeling much, much better. However I have noticed that my immune system isn’t as strong as it was before the program. I normally never get sick but I’ve already had a cold and now I developed this lingering new “Infection” consisting of severe nasal swelling (hardly any mucus but it’s clear) , dry eye/mouth and sticky, dry, horse throat that’s lasted just over three weeks. I can hardly breathe. I started an antibiotic thru my kaiser doc and developed a horrible migraine. Then switched to another antibiotic and yet again another horrible migraine. I guess antibiotics are out since they are a trigger.

    Colleen, just wondering if you experienced any weird immune related stuff during the first 3-4 months since the body is going thru so many changes? Also, have you found that once your hormones were balanced that you are able to tolerate foods, activities, bright lights, etc that you weren’t able to tolerate before the program cause they would cause migraine? At what point in the process did you realize you were doing really good? 6mos? 1year?

    1. Colleen Coble

      No, not at all, Di. I just got stronger and stronger. Bright lights are not a problem any longer. Hormones don’t fix food intolerances though. I know now that cheese and chocolate never really triggered my migraines. I just thought they did. I was like you–after about 3 mos I started seeing some changes. It was probably a year before I was migraine free. Hormones aren’t an overnight fix.

  17. Kim

    Hi Colleen. I love reading your books they are a great escape!

    Have you looked into ‘ be in health’ Dr Henry Wright. God has answers in the bible why hormones are ‘out of wack’, and cause migraines and he’s able to show you this. He has a book ‘ a more excellent way’ and often has conferences throughout the US.

  18. Jane Squires

    I know all about migraines. I have learned to avoid dark chocolate which will trigger one immediately. Also I avoid anything with MSG in it as that will trigger them. Sleep can be a problem as well as excitement. When I hit menopause migraines quit immediately. Doctor said they were related to hormones – nice to know once that was over. It lasted several years and then I started getting blinding migraines. I know have my eye sight stolen when those hit so have to carry migraine med Maxalt to take at first squiggly line. May God touch you.
    Prayer works better than anything and especially when another sufferer is doing the praying because they understand.

  19. Gary Johnson

    Thanks Colleen for sharing your experience with Dzugan Physiologic.

    Although I don’t suffer with migraines and haven’t seen any posts from other men, I felt compelled, even obligated, to give further praise to Dr. Dzugan’s Physiologic Optimization Program. If anyone is “on the fence” about this Program please do yourself a big favor and join. I have been on the Program for only about 3 1/2 months and the outcome has been almost miraculous. Much like your own experience, I have had a couple of periods when it seemed like that some of my health issues were not really getting better. Then I realized how short of a time I had been on the Program and that results would come. I reminded myself that a heavy dose of patience was in order. This Program really works and one must allow adequate time to achieve results. With some of my conditions I saw almost immediate results and the rest are well on their way out.

    I am an attorney and engineer, 57 years old, and now realize that years of stress and taking various prescription drugs has taken a heavy toll on both my mental and physical health. My first blood test on the Program revealed as much. I was a wreck, felt terrible, and was on the path toward an early death. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, suicidal ideation, chronic indigestion, and sexual dysfunction. At the age of 50 I became disabled and reluctantly had to leave my professions. Now, most of these issues have been resolved and I feel great! This turnaround is so incredible that I have devoted myself to writing and telling others about my success with DzLogic Physiology. Like you, I am so glad I found this wonderful program. Good luck, Colleen, on further improving your health.

    1. colleen

      That is fabulous, Gary! I’m so glad you’re doing well!

  20. Marlene

    Hi Colleen,

    Could you please tell me, or direct to, where I can find out which blood tests are necessary for a doctor to correctly prescribe bioidentical hormones. I found a doctor in my area who prescribes them, but I want to educate myself on the blood tests that are necessary before making my appointment with her.

    Thank you for helping others help themselves to find a cure for migraines triggered by hormones.

    1. colleen

      You should get total estrogens, progesterone, DHEA, pregnenolone, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid (free T3 and free T4) glucose, vitamin D, serotonin, cholesterol. There are some ultimate female hormone panels for a good price at places like http://www.privatemdlabs.com.

      1. Gary Johnson

        As always, good advice, Colleen. Another good resource is Life Extension found at http://www.lef.com
        Of course, check with your insurance provider first. They usually have already worked out relationships with nationwide companies like LabCorp. In many cases the labs may be FULLY covered if your doctor signs off on them.

        1. Marlene

          Thank you Colleen and Gary! I genuinely appreciate the information, it’s exactly what I was looking for.

          1. Marlene

            I noticed that ProGreens has been mentioned as a supplement, I was curious if this product takes the place of vitamin supplements — or if you take it in addition to your vitamins. I really like MegaFoods whole food supplements as they are made from freeze dried foods. I can even take them on an empty stomach, but I was wondering if the ProGreens would be a more cost effective way to go.

          2. Colleen Coble

            They aren’t a vitamin but just greens. I don’t take a multi vitamin at all, just the vitamins I know I’m deficient in. I don’t take the ProGreens anymore though. That was early on in my protocol.

          3. Marlene

            Thanks again Colleen for your time. Although I found you by the Migraine blog, I look forward to checking out your books.

  21. Elizabeth Dennison

    I have always enjoyed reading your books, they are always a breath of fresh air. I was diagnosed with Basilar Migraines last October, after being hospitalized for a fever of 103.8 and stroke like symptoms. I had been bitten by a spider on my lower leg that turned into cellulitis. Due to the stroke like symptoms, I had to be transferred to a hospital with a higher level of care. It was there that after further testing the neurologist was able to give me a correct diagnosis. I am now taking Magnesium and B12 to control the migraines, their is even a possibility I have had these migraines since I was a preteen; instead of having epilepsy. I am very thankful to have finally been given a diagnosis instead of having to live in fear for the next episode to come and knock me off my feet.

    1. colleen

      Wow, scary, Elizabeth! Glad you are doing better.

  22. Dave


    I’m on the Dzugan program and just finishing up my 2nd month. Unfortunately, I’ve seen zero benefit and am still suffering migraines every other day. Very frustrating.

    How long did it take before you started seeing actual benefit on the program?


    1. colleen

      It takes a while for hormone levels to get stable. I didn’t see relief for about 6 mos. Make sure you’re talking to them frequently and asking for guidance. They may need to tweak some things.

      1. Dave

        Thx Colleen. Wow, six months! What kept you in the program spending all the bucks on tests and treatment for 6 months to give you hope that it was going to work?

        Did you not experience any improvement at all in that first 6 months? In other words, was there any indication you were on the right track after say the first month or two?

        1. colleen

          The headaches became less severe and started not being every day.

          Are you taking any abortive drugs, Dave? I love the triptans but they have a rebound. So if you’re taking them with every migraine, they are rebounding to the next migraine 2 days later. I finally had to just bite the bullet and not take them. I lived on ibuprofen for a week until it finally went away. Once I got off them, things got a lot better.

          I also just felt better in general. More energy, clearer skin. less puffy. All kinds of good things with the hormones.

          1. Dave

            I do use Imitrex, but very sparingly for the reasons you state…usually no more than the most minimal dose.
            I’m waiting to experience that slight improvement in my general being as you described. Nothing yet at 2 months…

        2. Gary Johnson

          I am currently on the Dzugan Program and have been for six months. I don’t experience migraines, but I do suffer from disabling and chronic anxiety. I certainly identify with your desire for a quick resolution, but unfortunately two months is probably not enough time to experience any noticeable effect. The good news is that most supplements and bio identical hormones (i.e. Dzugan Program) take at least six weeks before achieving levels in the body sufficient enough to start improvement. From my own experience I can truthfully tell you that most of my conditions that appeared hopeless at the two month mark are now nearly resolved at six months.

          The other item that I picked up from your post is that your expectations on what may be necessary to achieve relief may need to be evaluated. Migraines like anxiety don’t have a “cure”, but they can be treated with ongoing maintenance. So, by definition you may have to continue your treatment regimen indefinitely to achieve the quality of life you expect. Like you, I became somewhat impatient with my progress, but once I started seeing results I never thought that the Dzugan regimen was too bothersome. Are the supplements expensive? Yes they are and their use may be indefinite. However, at some point when traditional medicine fails one must evaluate all options and decide what to do. One other thing. Colleen is absolutely correct in her advice to provide Dzugan with accurate and timely updates. The more accurate and timely your written updates the better your outcome. I hope this helps.

          1. Dave

            Hey Gray:

            Thx for the reply and the encouragement. Besides migraines, I also suffer from similar neurological conditions as you. Mine are all from an 18 year battle with chronic Lyme Disease that has really messed up my CNS and hormone levels. Anxiety and panic attacks have been real bears…

            It does help to hear others results and, after all I’ve dealt with with Lyme, I certainly understand the physiological aspect of taking a more natural approach. I guess it was just a heightened expectation, especially when you read and hear the case studies in the book, etc. where people described starting to feel relief after just a couple weeks or so.

            I’m in it to win it and want this approach to work. Thanks again for the info.


  23. Anita Sitler

    Hi Colleen, I’m a big fan and have read many of your books. Loved them all.
    The discussion about migraines really peaked my curiosity as one who suffered from them since childhood. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was pregnant with my last child and was suffering from them everyday. My OB sent me to a neurologist. After determining that they were not food triggered but hormonal related, he prescribed inderal, a beta blocker. It’s a preventative not a treatment. I was past my first trimester so the risk to my precious daughter was minimal. Once we got the dosage right the migraines stopped. I had to stop the medication so I could nurse my daughter, the residual effects of the med lasted about a year. I had a new Dr. and I discussed it with her and she put me back on it. One other note on this was I had no idea my headaches were migraines because they didn’t fit with the descriptions I had read about migraines. I had no auras I didnt have to take to my bed for 2 days in darkness, but they usually settled behind one of my eyes and did cause nausea. I was concerned because I was popping Excedrin like it was candy and by my last pregnancy aspirin was taboo. Anyway my Dr.has had to raise the dosage over the years and while it didn’t totally eliminate them, it cut them down by 80-90%, something I could live with. As the years went by a new wrinkle was thrown in I had sinus migraines but that was controlled with pain meds and as soon as I start having sinus issues I take Tylenol Sinus which seems to keep the headaches at bay. Now my baby is 25 years old I’ve had a hysterectomy I’m beginning to weigh the idea of getting off propranolol (Inderal is the brand name) since the possible cause may be eliminated. I’m still afraid as it is my security blanket but I may no longer need it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it with blessed relief. Thanks, Anita

    1. colleen

      Anita, my hysterectomy made my migraines even worse so don’t assume yours will fix your migraines. 🙁 Hormones are even more of a wrinkle because usually your progesterone levels and estrogen levels are in the toilet. I tried Inderal too but it never helped me. When I say I tried everything known to man, I tried EVERYTHING. LOL Good luck!

  24. Danielle

    Hey Colleen,

    First of all I absolutely love your books! You are a truly talented author! The always keep me in suspense and make it really hard for me to put the book down until I am done the last page. 🙂
    I too suffer from headaches/migraines almost everyday. Some doctors told me I had cluster headaches, other prescribed me all sorts of pills and one finally sent me to a neurologist. I am 22 and have suffered from headaches almost everyday all day since I was a young teenager. It made it hard to go to school, then work, and now it even holds me back from doing all the things I love to do which is such a huge disappointment. I’ve tried so many prescription pills and was pretty much addicted to tylenol ultra strength and Advil. Now I have completely stopped taking all pills and just try to push through the day. Even when I saw a neurologist he diagnosed me with “daily chronic headaches” and told me it wasn’t anything I was doing or eating but that I was just unlucky. And the pills he prescribed me did absolutely nothing so right now I don’t take any pills unless Tylenol occasionally when I have an unbearable headache, which tends to hardly help. Would you recommended anything for me other than pills? The program you are on sounds really interesting and it would be good to try I just don’t know if I want to be on pills for the rest of my life.

    1. colleen

      You really should check out the hormonal issue. It’s better to address the actual cause of the problem rather than take pills for the pain. What I take are hormonal creams, bioidenticals.

  25. Dorene

    I’ve had hormonal/genetic migraines since 16… 2x a month. At 46..peri-menopause sent them up to 8-10 a month. Imitrex came out that year and I’ve been on it ever since. I rebound from Imitrex 1 head bring in at least 4. Toughing it out with Advil doesn’t work for me, though i do have to lie down for 24 hours and go through the pain to kick the continual rebounds. That may buy me a week without a migraine and it begins again. I’m 70..with 10 plus a month,still. I’m also on BHRT.. plus 100mg progesterone in pill form. I, like you, have been down many roads trying to get relief. Any other wisdom, Colleen? I never had a hysterectomy, by the way.
    I’ll look into the program u are saying really changed your life.

  26. Hi Colleen! I enjoy your books, they are a truly a great rest for my soul!
    I do have a question for you. I have been on bio-identical hormones for over 10 years, so I wouldn’t go into menopause in my 40s. I still take them, because my thyroid is very temperamental and seems to be affected by hormones too.. My doctor insists on my doing the saliva tests, saying that the blood tests aren’t reliable. Which kind of testing do you do?
    Now my daughter has been getting migraines for almost 3 years, and has awful periods. I want to get her hormones tested to, but same issue. On top of that, the Dr.s here in PA aren’t allowed to treat with them , and so she wants to charge me $250 just to come in, plus the cost of the testing, plus the cost of the hormones. I can’t do that for myself, let alone the 2 of us.
    Are pharmacists allowed to prepare them according to the tests, without a script?

    1. colleen

      My doctor used blood tests for years then my new doctor uses saliva. I’m ok with saliva because it’s cheaper anyway. LOTS cheaper. You can order those online yourself and figure out what she needs before seeing the doctor. NO doctors are allowed to treat with bioidentical hormones in PA? How are you staying on them if that’s happening? Do you have to go out of state? More and more doctors are using them so that’s very odd.

      1. Alison Barrette

        Originally, my Ob/gyn would prescribe them for me, by allowing the compunding pharmacist to help him figure out the proportions. Then, I managed to find an endocrinologist (physicians assistant) who did it all, but now that the area has basically been split into a war between 2 ins. companies, they won’t allow her to prescribe them anymore. Pittsburgh has become very monopolized in healthcare. There are other doctors who do this, but they are crazy expensive. I have to see her as a self pay, do the testing, and then she will prescribe them. Consequently, I haven’t been to her yet… but I’m almost out of the hormones. According to her, she’s the least expensive in the area.
        Anyway, I just wondered if your blood testing was as reliable as the saliva. Blood testing is covered, saliva is not! So, I do need to call the compounding pharmacies and see there are any alternatives.

        1. colleen

          I’d just tell her you want blood tests since they are covered. They tell the story too. That’s all I used for about 10 years.

  27. Beth

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! I have been down the bio identical creams route with the Wiley protocol and it didn’t work for me either it was way too much progesterone! I’ve been off of them for a few years now and obviously very low hormones my estrogen tested at 30 and progesterone just one. I’m only 40. I’ve actually been going through this since about 33 after the birth of my last child. My migraine started out silent with vertigo and then morphed into horrible migraines like I get now. I just started seeing a reproductive endocrinologist he started me on oral estradiol and I’m having the worst headaches ever this one lasting now eight days and I just about can’t take it anymore. I called his office this morning and they’re going to switch me back to creams. Could you share with about how much you are using of estradiol? I know not everyone is different and dosing but the Wiley protocol was huge Amounts of estradiol and progesterone and I just really don’t want to take that much again if I don’t have to. It would be nice to know someone is taking much less and feeling great too! I really think above anything it is the ratio of the hormones that causes things to feel good. Thank you so much for your advice!


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