Butterfly Palace Video!

Butterfly Palace newDear friends.
I’m so excited to share the preview video of my new novel, Butterfly Palace, with you! And the digital version of the book is only $4.99 right now. You all did such an amazing job of spreading the word and jumping on the special price for Rosemary Cottage that it hit the USA Today bestseller list. I would be so appreciative if you would share the video and special price with your friends and family–let’s see if we can launch Butterfly Palace to an even higher spot on the list!


Buy Butterfly Palace for only $4.99 from your favorite online merchant.



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Butterfly Palace is really special to me because of its theme about inner beauty in the tough times. My friend and sister-of-my-heart Diann Hunt went to heaven 10 days ago, and her courage challenged me in so many ways. The book is dedicated to her. As Di walked through the valley of ovarian cancer, she grew even more beautiful. She’s been such an inspiration in my life. I want to be a butterfly like her!

5 thoughts on “Butterfly Palace Video!

  1. Ruth Smith

    Looking forward t it. Went to preorder it only to discover that I had already ordered it. Definitely a fan. Wonderful that you are dedicating it to Diann. I am currently reading HOT FLASHES AND COLD CREAM. I can see her between the lines. Have a great Christmas in your new house.

    1. colleen

      That’s awesome, Ruth! Thanks friend.

  2. Karen Mizener

    Wonderful author…look forward to reading this book!

  3. Sarah Wilson

    I enjoyed Butterfly Palace so much!!! Can’t wait for the next book! Butterfly Palace was the first I’ve ever read by you, but it definitely won’t be the last. Thank you so much for writing good, Christian and suspenseful books. There aren’t very many being written.

    Your new fan,
    ~Sarah Wilson~

    1. colleen

      I’m so glad, Sarah!


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