Kindle Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of my Kindle Fire giveaway, Susan Thornton! Susan, you can email your mailing address to info {at} litfusegroup {dot} com.

If you didn’t win, don’t worry because I have some exciting news and another giveaway coming on Monday!

8 thoughts on “Kindle Winner!

  1. HKnight

    I really enjoy your books

  2. Julie Zachariason

    I love the six books series. I consider them short stories and just can’t wait for the next one. I’m waiting on the 3rd one.It’s on hold at the library. I just got done reading The Inn at Oceans Inn Edge. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’m waiting for the next one. I feel like a sponge. I just can’t get enough of your books.

    1. colleen

      I’m so glad, Julie!

  3. Hannah

    I love all your books. Can’t wait to read more!

    1. colleen

      I’m so glad, Hannah!

  4. Carrie

    I started reading your books, by listening to them on CD as I drive to and from work, now I’m playing catch up reading the totally out of order.

  5. Peggy

    You are one of my favorite authors, you have me hooked from the first page to the last. Thank you for sharing your God given talent with all of your fans.

    1. colleen

      Aw, thanks so much, Peggy! I’m so thrilled you’re enjoying the books!


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