Three Missing Days

Three Missing Days by author Colleen CobleIt all started with one little lie. But the gripping truth is finally coming out.

A chilling murder.

Chief of Police Jane Hardy plunges into the investigation of a house fire that claimed the life of a local woman as well as one of the firefighters. It’s clear the woman was murdered. But why? The unraveling of Jane’s personal life only makes the answers in the case more difficult to find.

Her son’s arrest.

Then Jane’s fifteen-year-old son is accused of a horrific crime, and she has to decide whether or not she can trust her ex, Reid, in the attempt to prove Will’s innocence—and whether she can trust Reid with her heart.

Her stolen memories.

Three days of Jane’s past are missing from her memory, and that’s not all that has been stolen from her. As she works to find the woman’s murdered and clear her son’s name, finding out what happened in those three days could change everything.

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9 thoughts on “Three Missing Days

  1. Leeann Frye

    Just read “One Little Lie”. I couldn’t put the book down! It was so good from beginning to end. I’ve enjoyed every book I’ve read that you’ve written. I look forward to reading #2 and #3 in this series. God bless you.

  2. Debbie Thomas

    I just love your books. I have just finished Two Reasons to Run, and cannot wait for the next book, Three Missing Days, to come out!!! The books are so good, and they all grab me right from the start. I almost can’t wait to finish one and get to the next one.

    1. colleen

      Yay! I’m so glad!

  3. Lana Rogier

    I finished Three Missing Days yesterday. This is an awesome series. I enjoyed each of the books, but I can say that about all of your books. I am always looking for the next new one to come out. You have a wonderful gift and you use it well.

  4. Kyle D Beal

    Very good series I am glad I have stumbled across them., about to start the last one!

  5. Jody

    I am wrapping up the “Pelican Harbor” series, and I am loving it just I have all of your other books. The series is different and very interesting. I am just curious about one thing. How did you come up with Kentucky and more specifically, the Cumberland region for the religious cult mentioned throughout the book? I am actually from that area and the roads and counties mentioned are very familiar to me. Cumberland Falls is a tourist destination for many in the US and even the world I assume. However, McCreary County and some of the roads mentions are not so well known. It is kinda neat to hear your own area mentioned in books that will be read by so many!! God bless and thank you for your creativity in your books.

    1. colleen

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I am from Indiana and some people in my church mentioned the Moonbow and I was so intrigued that I had to check out the area. 🙂

  6. Lorie

    As I started reading this series (Pelican Bay) I feel like I have read a book before this all happened. I don’t remember the characters names but the reference to a fire destroying a compound and the young girls husband taking the baby and disappearing seems familiar. Is there a book before “One little lie”?

    1. colleen

      There isn’t a book before One Little Lie though the compound where this happens had a brief mention many years ago in the novel Abomination (now titled Haven of Swans) though there’s no mention of the baby. Just a cult compound is mentioned.


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