What We Hide

What we hide by author Colleen Coble

Love legal suspense? I think you’re going to LOVE What We Hide, the first novel in the Tupelo Grove series set in the Gulf Shores area near my Pelican Harbor series. It’s hitting stores July 2, 2024.

Rick Acker is a good friend and a Supervising Deputy Attorney in the CA Department of Justice and he’s an awesome writer. We have been having so much fun co-writing, and we can’t wait to share this first novel with you! Our styles are so similar I don’t think you’ll be able to tell which of us wrote which scenes! Here’s a little about the novel:

Family secrets. Historical wrongs. And the truths that refuse to stay buried.

Savannah Webster is trying to find her way forward. She and her husband, Hez, have been separated since tragedy tore them apart and he began numbing his grief and guilt with alcohol. She returned to Tupelo Grove University, which her family helped found over a century ago, to teach history.

When Hez turns up in her classroom asking for a second chance, she rejects the idea immediately. But twenty-four hours later she’s under suspicion for murder, and since Hez is the best attorney she knows, she reluctantly asks him for help. They suspect the murder is tied to someone selling off the university’s pre-Columbian artifacts, but the secrets go much deeper than they realize.

The only hope they’ve got is each other, and they’re going to have to put their past behind them if they’re going to stay alive long enough to uncover all that’s hidden.

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