11 thoughts on “Mermaid Moon is Out!

  1. Jen

    I just finished reading Mermaid Moon and I loved it! What an incredible story that keeps you on your toes until the very end. You know it’s a good book when you make that audible gasp while you read. Thanks Colleen. I can’t wait to tell all my friends how much they need to read this book.
    Fort Wayne Fan

    1. colleen

      I’m so glad, Kirsten!

  2. Jane Lindsey

    Just finished Mermaid Moon. Loved it ! I try to get your new book releases when they first come out. I have read them all. They are so good you can’t put them down. Keep up the good work. Waiting for your next one to come out. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law also read your books. Thanks for good reading in a Christian suspense book!

  3. Alice Carol Young

    The Journey of the Heart Series was my first introduction to your writing. You
    have fast become one of my favorites. You captivate a reader from the very beginning and keeps one reading to the very end! I have just finished Mermaid
    Moon and am going to the library for The Inn at Ocean’s Edge. I just celebrated my 80th birthday and am so glad our library introduced me to you! Thank you for your contribution to Christian suspense books!! I look forward to finding other of your series!

    1. colleen

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books, Alice! thanks so much for you note!

  4. Nicole Douthit

    Such a privilege to meet and chat with you & your husband 🙂

    As always, each new release is always anticipated…another outstanding book…BRAVO!

    1. colleen

      It was SO awesome to meet you, Nicole! I wish we’d had longer!

  5. Sarajane Peck

    My first & only book I bought from you was titled “From Russia with Love” I believe published in 2000? I’ve re-read this book cause I can’t put it down many times over. I just love your writing. Of course I see on your site that you’ve written many others & I will search & purchase these others as I can afford them. Keep writing, I love your “on the edge of your seat” writings!!

    1. colleen

      I’m so glad!

  6. I just finished The Inn at Ocean’s Edge and have just picked up Twilight at Blueberry Barrens from the library. Are these stand-alone or should I read Mermaid Moon first? It is currently out for others so I cannot get it just yet. I see the same character in this third book that was in the first, so am wondering.

    1. colleen

      Yu can read them out of order. 🙂


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