Leaving Lavender Tides

I’m so excited to share Leaving Lavender Tides with you! If you’ve read The View From Rainshadow Bay, you’ll want to read this new adventure as Shauna and Zach encounter a stalker aboard their honeymoon cruise to the Hawaiian Islands. It’s available exclusively at Barnes and Noble for the next few months in hard cover and digital copies. Here’s a little about the story:

Having narrowly avoided tragedy in their hometown of Lavender Tides, Washington, Shauna and Zach Bannister are finally on a honeymoon cruise through the Hawaiian islands. Lost in the glow of their newfound love, they eagerly anticipate basking in the warmth of the lush tropics.

But soon the newlyweds begin receiving mysterious threats. After Zach survives two attempts on his life – staged as freak accidents – Shauna ominously receives flowers from a stranger.

The lovers become unwitting detectives in an urgent pursuit to discover the identity of their murderous stalker.
Set against the spectacular Hawaiian landscape, Colleen Coble’s lightning-paced story is a haunting journey into a world as remote and hidden as it is beautiful, as spellbinding as it is wondrous.

Check it out! https://www.tnzfiction.com/lavender-tides-series/

21 thoughts on “Leaving Lavender Tides

  1. Jo Hall


    1. colleen

      It’s out now only at Barnes and Noble. It won’t be available at other vendors until December.

      1. Jo Hall


        1. colleen

          It’s out next! It will release in July. 🙂

          1. Jo Hall


      2. Lesa M

        Really disappointing. I have fallen out of love with Barnes & Noble….cancelled my membership, etc. I guess I will have to wait.

        1. colleen

          I’m sorry, Lesa! Barnes and Noble commissioned it so it wouldn’t even have been written but for them.

  2. colleen

    No it’s before it. It’s out now!

    1. Jo Hall


  3. Kathy Lormis

    I checked it out at B&N and it is a small book of around 100 pages or so. I didn’t buy it because it doesn’t match the first book at all. Is it suppose to be this small?

    1. colleen

      Yes, it’s a novella.

  4. Carol Hurd

    You can only get the printed version at B&N now. The ebook is not available until December 2018. Since the ebook is half the price and my Amazon tablet won’t do B&N ebooks, will have to wait until Dec. 🙁

  5. Sarah McFaul

    What’s the order of this series?

  6. Melba Myrick

    Love the books. No complaints.

  7. I received 3 of your books. I’m so disappointed in the size of Leaving Lavender Tides. Cost same as your larger books but not much reading. I hope I don’t have this happen again. Cost for this book is way over priced compared to your larger books. I had no idea it was so small.

    1. colleen

      I’m not sure where you bought it, Carolyn, but it should have been much less expensive. It’s a novella so it’s small and costs less. On Amazon, it’s $4 less than Secrets at Cedar Cabin for example. I’m sorry you didn’t realize it was a novella. I make sure to mention those kinds of things on Facebook, and the cover also mentions it’s a novella.

      1. I purchased 3 books thru amazon on Sunday and it was not 4.00 for any book. Three of your books were 27.00 and I had free shipping. That’s why when I received it I couldn’t believe it. It looks like a first grade reader. I’m not sure I will purchase more of your books because I don’t want this. I have purchased 3 other of your books but am reconsidering future purchases.

  8. I just checked my invoice and total for 3 books were 30.45 including tax, no shipping charges. This book was over 7.00

  9. Nowhere on my book does it say novella. My book says A Lavender Tides Novel.

  10. colleen

    I mentioned it was $4 LESS not $4. Since you ordered it from Amazon it’s super easy to return it if you don’t want it. I return stuff from Amazon all the time. You can just put in Inaccurate Description or one of the other reasons for the return. Sorry you are unhappy with it! I have a handful of novellas out when readers are asking for a fill in story. This one is Shauna’s honeymoon and comes right after The View From Rainshadow Bay. But it’s easy to return.

  11. Karen H

    I just finished listening the 4 books in the Lavender Tide series and enjoyed it very much. Will there be more books in the series?


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