Butterfly Palace Video!

Butterfly Palace newDear friends.
I’m so excited to share the preview video of my new novel, Butterfly Palace, with you! And the digital version of the book is only $4.99 right now. You all did such an amazing job of spreading the word and jumping on the special price for Rosemary Cottage that it hit the USA Today bestseller list. I would be so appreciative if you would share the video and special price with your friends and family–let’s see if we can launch Butterfly Palace to an even higher spot on the list!


Buy Butterfly Palace for only $4.99 from your favorite online merchant.



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Butterfly Palace is really special to me because of its theme about inner beauty in the tough times. My friend and sister-of-my-heart Diann Hunt went to heaven 10 days ago, and her courage challenged me in so many ways. The book is dedicated to her. As Di walked through the valley of ovarian cancer, she grew even more beautiful. She’s been such an inspiration in my life. I want to be a butterfly like her!

New Rock Harbor Books!

So many of you have told me how much you love the Rock Harbor novels. I think you’ll be excited to hear there are two more out this year. I co-wrote them with my friend Robin Caroll, and they feature Emily O’Reilly, the little girl lost in the woods in Without a Trace. Emily is 14 now. You’ll get a chance to catch up with your old friends Bree, Kade, Samson, and Charley. Let me know what you think!


Secretly Smitten Video Contest Chat

We Smitten authors are going to be doing a really fun video chat Feb 5! You’ll be able to ask us questions, and we’ll answer them LIVE. To sign up for a reminder to join us, visit this webpage. http://litfusegroup.com/secretly-smitten-live-webcast-feb-5

If you’re on Facebook, you can go the Thomas Nelson Facebook page and sign up instead if you prefer. https://www.facebook.com/nelsonfiction/app_485447744827798

Come join us for fun prizes!

Silent Night, New Rock Harbor Novella!

I just finished a Rock Harbor Christmas novella titled Silent Night. It will be available digitally the end of November, and I’m super excited to hear what you think about it! Bree and Samson get entangled in a mystery involving the disappearance of one of Lauri’s friends. It was so fun to be immersed back in the Upper Peninsula! I was yearning for more Rock Harbor after bringing Bree and Samson into Tidewater Inn.

Be sure to let me know what you think!


Smitten Retreat

Smitten RetreatThe sequel, Secretly Smitten, will be out in December, and I think you’ll like it even more than the first book. Check out the Smitten website: http://www.smittenvermont.com/

We authors (with the exception of Diann Hunt) met our team at a gorgeous home in Nashville to brainstorm the third book. Oh my goodness, we so loved that house! It was the perfect setting for getting into the Smitten mood, and it was a great time of bonding with all our friends at Thomas Nelson. The kitchen was to die for, and our terrific new marketing manager, Andrea Lyons, and her brother prepared a meal fit for queens. We felt pretty special. Our publisher Daisy Hutton (SO love that gal!) came over on Tuesday night with our wonderful publicist and good friend Katie Bond.

We are so blessed to get to work with Ami McConnell and Natalie Hanemann! There’s nothing like seeing each other sans makeup and dressed in sweats to know that we are sisters at heart! Ami and Natalie were strong enough to hike down the monster hill of a driveway and back up. I would have gone if I’d had anything to wear on my feet except sandals. Of course I would have. You know it. Okay, well maybe. That hill would make even Paula Radcliffe break out in hives.

The picture is Kristin Billerbeck, Colleen Coble and Denise Hunter in front of our five-bedroom log house. And if you need a house in Nashville for a getaway, you must stay here! Here is the link to our Smitten home. http://www.vrbo.com/303977. The pictures do not do it justice! It’s massive inside with an entire suite in the basement with a separate kitchen and game room with pool table. Not that we had time to play pool–we were too busy giggling and having fun.

One thing to note: I loved the master shower so much Dave and I just ordered a similar one. The things we do for our writing!